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Tarah H.

Student advisors/lenders/servicers and my own narcissist adhd parents, failed me every step of the way in my higher ed journey. I’m neurodiverse an SBO, designer, hustling to build business and pay down the debt, so I can start saving for retirement and having a family. I’m 38. EDMC/Art Institutes fraudulently told me I would earn 55-65k entry level, it was really 30k entry level in 2011. I’ve worked consistently, earned credentials, namely NCIDQ, and started my own company. I’m learning to network now, and I just bought a ledger and started learning about crypto & nfts. I would love and appreciate some coaching through creating my own NFTs, as well as how to turn crypto into cash to pay off my loans? Thank you for doing this for people! About giving my LinkedIn profile, I’m worried people will not hire me if they know about my debt?  ✨

(note: everyone is publicly anonymized on this site and your information is never published or sold unless you request it. But notice how much fear this graduate has for admitting that she needs help. What kind of terrible system is this!) We are here for you Tarah. WAGMI!

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Navient & Department of Education



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(Please contribute in $GETS, ETH, MATIC or WOO to get-smart.eth and send us the name of the person above in a sponsor message here.  You can also send this person an encouragement message. We will verify it and pay this person’s debt minus gas fees).

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