Student Debt Story Tips

If you want people to help you pay down your student debt with NFTs and Crypto, answer some of these questions in a first person story style on the FAFCSA in 2-3 paragraphs:

  • Where are you from?
  • What did you study and why?
  • Why did you take out student loans?
  • What major challenges have you overcome?
  • Did you graduate? Why or Why not?
  • Why can’t you pay off the student loan debt?
  • Do you have disabilities? Are you a single parent?  Elderly?  From a minority, immigrant, or low-income family?
  • What are you doing/planning to do with your education?  How will you make a positive impact in the world if your debt is paid off?

PROFILES: If you want people to contact you or follow you, then add your social media profile and upload your picture or avatar on the FAFCSA.

  • DO NOT add names of your kids or personal information that can be used by criminals.
  • DO NOT ever share your private key or seed phrase with anyone – and never paste it into a website.

IMAGES: People in the crypto and NFT space are very visual.  Only send REAL images of you or an NFT/Avatar that you own.  Any sensual/erotic images or oppressed victim type images won’t be added here.  It’s an unfair advantage and you know it.

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